Take a Leap Forward in Practice Management

Health care has never been more complicated.

The cost of care delivery keeps going up while reimbursements keep going down. You can’t afford to staff individuals that have expired credentials or privileges. Switching back and forth between multiple systems to keep track of credentials, scheduling, compliance, recruitment, and payroll? That’s too much manual work, especially when operational efficiency is the key to controlling costs.

We created APM Solutions because, like you, we were frustrated running an anesthesia practice this way. APM Solutions delivers a comprehensive software application that integrates just about everything a medical practice needs into one practice-friendly platform.

   Simplified Communications
Enjoy seamless cross-team communication via email, chat, and SMS within the system and through mobile clinician and admin apps.

   Programmable Automation
Automate reminders, templates, and tasks to reduce your manual workload.

   Data Security
Rest easy knowing your data is secure and stored in a compliant, cloud-based environment.

k   Convenient Customization
Specify what’s required for your practice for an onboarding process that works for your team.

   Unmatched Transparency
Experience the visibility and control you need over data for compliance reporting budgets, and providers.

   Ongoing Support
Take advantage of training from experts who understand practice management firsthand and created software to save time and simplify processes.

Future Focused Features

Credentialing and Privileging

  • Manage clinician licenses, certification, training, curriculum vitae, biographies, and continuing education documents in a secure, centrally stored environment
  • Work digitally using DocuSign® functionality and turn documents or PDFs into editable, searchable data
  • See facility- and function-specific credential lists to accurately match providers
  • Automate credential expiration notification to clinician and administrative personnel
  • Easily update credentials with Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH) integration
  • Save time with tools for credentialing project management
  • Store credentials for all sites individually and track providers against your own master list of credentials
  • Manage privileging on a per-site basis and support the reappointment process
  • Expose your credentialing and privileging process directly with your providers and clients

APM Solutions reduces the number of manual touches by 80%—dramatically reducing the chance of human errors and time spent on administration.


  • Greatly reduce human touches—and the chances for errors—with templated and auto-populated scheduling
  • Capture providers’ availability online and share staffing schedules electronically, including any real-time updates
  • Enable allowable clinicians to see staff openings
  • Enforce your own custom business rules for CTO, PTO, Vacation Requests and Availability
  • Schedule across regional and multi-site locations
  • Get notifications on schedule changes and confirmation tracking with HL-7 SIU messaging integration
  • Perform real-time staffing expense reporting including W-2, 1099, overtime, and locum tenens
  • Take advantage of daily and weekly notifications to keep everyone up to date and informed


  • Save time with automated timesheet creation
  • Manage provider-specific pay and costing
  • Review timesheets for accuracy and reconcile time sheets with live data
  • Enjoy accounting and payroll system integration for W-2 and 1099 providers
  • Use built-in mileage and other expense tracking functions

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Use recurring contact management templates with email and SIU functionality
  • Track candidates through your own recruiting process with custom statuses and dates to optimize the process
  • Identify the proper candidates based on region, specialty, availability, preference or any number of customizable fields
  • Keep track of business development contacts and conversations
  • Track and manage facility and clinician contracts


  • Keep everyone in the loop with integrated email and SMS text functionality
  • Automate required document notification with affirmation tracking
  • Centralize group and facility policy and procedure access
  • Maintain facility and group discussion forums
  • Enjoy secure administrative, clinician, and client portals
  • Manage on the go with mobile friendly clinician and administration apps

Business Analytics

  • Run efficient budgeting, staffing, utilization, and other financial reports to see system-wide performance
  • Customize reports as needed

Set Up
Depends on data type, volume and organization to best fit your needs. Please obtain quote. Our technical support team will work with you to ensure your satisfaction. No out of the box approach here.

Customized reporting, look and feel are all available to ensure you get what you need when you need it. Let us help you spec the job and provide a quote.