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No doubt about it, we live in amazing times. Health Care, like everything else, is changing fast. Too fast to put up with inefficiency. Scheduling your clinical personnel using a hodgepodge of spreadsheets, emails, and unconnected solutions just won’t cut it.

APM Solutions is an integrated, SaaS-based platform that takes the headache out of medical practice management with features and functions designed for the healthcare industry in the smartphone era. Developed by experts who’ve been where you are now, APM Solutions is a one-stop, customized platform that simplifies the process of getting the job done in the most cost-efficient way possible.

One Platform for Everything Medical Practice Management


Capture your providers’ availability and share your staffing schedules —including real-time updates—online.


Easily track credentials, control system privileges, and match the right provider to the right job.


Keep everyone up to date on expiring credentials and upcoming schedules with automated text or email notifications.

Multiple Site Management

Efficiently place staff across multi-site locations with the ability to see specific provider availability and facility needs.

Business Analytics

Get the insights you need to maximize productivity by running customized reports on budgeting, staffing, and utilization.


Optimize the hiring process—identify and track candidates by region, speciality, availability, or a customizable field.